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Signs You May Be Spiritually “Dry”

My friend Mark Scott (From Ozark Christian College and Mountainview Community Christian Church) shared this list at a Church Development Fund Event at which we both spoke earlier this month.

Signs You May Be Spiritually “Dry”

  1. You are susceptible to blatant sin.
  2. Your life on autopilot.
  3. You are more accepting of mediocrity.
  4. You live with a chronic sense of guilt.
  5. You allow yourself no time for celebration.
  6. You have a critical spirit.
  7. You are prone to avoidance.
  8. You have no solitude.
  9. Your tendency is towards superficiality.
  10. You have experienced a loss of gratitude and doxology.
  11. You have unresolved tension in key relationships.
  12. You find no peace after serving.
  13. You maintain a lack of vulnerability.
  14. You are characterized by both stinginess or affluenza.
  15. Your life is out of balance.

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