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Rich lessons in generosity from Poor Horatio

As I was pondering the passing of Andy Griffith this morning, I recalled my favorite scene from the Andy Griffith Show.

Here it is:

Andy teaches Opie–and us–some important things about giving in this scene:

1) Generosity must be taught.

Andy took it as his responsibility to teach Opie about the important of generously helping those in need.

2) Worthy causes deserve worthy sacrifices.

Opie only gave 3 cents to the Underprivileged Children’s Drive, when he was obviously capable of giving so much more.

3) Giving is pleasurable.

4) It’s great to give without expecting anything in return.

5) Giving is joyful.

6) Those who have been given much should be the most generous.

7) Giving shows we care about others.

8) We shouldn’t squander (throw it away foolishly) our money, but should give carefully.

9) Half boys are worthy of our support…and pretty hard to forget.

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