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Pictures and Comments from Faith in Action Blitz Day

One of the reasons that I love being a part of Christ’s Church is because this church is made up of some amazing people.

We are starting to collect pictures from our Blitz Day of service last Sunday and I can’t stop smiling as I see the faces of so many of my fellow church members as they share their sweat, smiles, and sincere love (had to use three “S’s” because I’m a preacher!) with people all around Jacksonville.

Here are some pictures from this great event: Picasa Web Album: Christ’s Church Faith in Action Blitz Day

Here are some comments we’ve received from some of the people we served:

Hi Mr. Newland . . . I’m the CFO for Hubbard House. I wanted to personally call you, yesterday I was out at the facility where your people came and helped out. There was approx. close to 80 people & I can’t begin to tell you the job those people did. They are amazing. Hubbard House would never have been able to accomplish what you all did for us. I have been at Hubbard House a very long time and we have many many volunteers who help us who always do a fine job, but we were truly blown away by the people that came out and the amount of work that they did. I really and truly cannot thank you enough. I was brought to tears no less than 4 or 5 times yesterday regarding the amount of work and just mission driven that they were. They were thanking me for allowing them to come and help us. Wonderful wonderful people and I just wanted you to know and hear it directly from one of the non profit agencies here in town directly what it meant to us. Our utmost of thanks and appreciation!
Words can not adequately describe my feelings for you and all the members of your church for what they did for us yesterday. I was truly in awe and had tears in my eyes to many times to mention. Our property was in a state of disarray. The amount of work needed to make it look presentable was way beyond our scope in terms of staff or money to hire a company to do the massive clean up. Your volunteers arrived ready to go. Everyone brought the proper tools and a can do attitude. They accomplished even more than we thought possible. Never once despite the extremely hard work did I see one person look frustrated or disheartened. As a matter of fact, they kept on thanking me for allowing them to do this for us!!! Absolutely amazing. The Project Leaders were wonderful. They were so pleasant and organized. Amber is a gem. Our future Outreach Center looks beautiful and a place we can be proud of. I can not thank you enough. Clearly, your ministry is doing something so right. It was an honor for me to be around all of these beautiful families who only wanted to help others. Please accept my deep gratitude on behalf of all of us who work for or who are served by Hubbard House. This experience will stay with me forever.
Thanks for the pictures! I cannot tell you how much we appreciate Christ’s Church Mandarin and Fleming Island coming out to work yesterday. What a blessing! Your photos reflect what a successful day it was for Seamark. The lawn at the ACE building looks wonderful and the clearing in front of the building was an extra special blessing. You have such a wonderful, caring and compassionate church. It was wonderful to see the article in today’s Times Union about your efforts and impact on the community. Thanks you so much for organizing the volunteers and for coming out.
There aren’t words to describe how special the faith in action blitz day was to me and my family.

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