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More on Logan the Sky Angel Cowboy

I listen to 89.3 KSBJ on my computer all of the time . . . but now I’m even more of a fan. Recently I blogged about Logan the Sky Angel Cowboy and the “buzz” his phone call was generating.

A few people thought the story was false, so I investigated and found the proof that it was completely true.

Last week I heard from the Program Director from KSBJ. He included a link to a news story CBN did on Logan.

Very cool!

Here’s what he said:

Aaron, thanks for the due diligence! If you’d like some further proof for your blog friends CBN was here and did a story on the whole thing… enjoy!

CBN News Story on Logan

Chuck Pryor
KSBJ/Program Director

Here’s the story as it appeared on CBN:

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