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I’m running today…

I’m running today…

because, I can…and because Ahmaud Arbery can’t—as the direct result of hatred, racism, and ignorant fear.

because, I need to do something with the anger I feel for the pain his loved ones are experiencing.

because I can’t sit quietly by—as a Christian—and not be moved to action in the face of such injustice.

because, I’m running after Jesus and, I need the reminder: His love runs after EVERYONE!

because, my children are watching how I respond to hatred and racism in this world, and I need my steps to lead them to a better understanding of what it means to truly “so love” the world.

because, I’m chasing after a better understanding of the racial realities my friends of color experience on a regular basis.

because, it’s a small step I can take, to try to stop racism in its tracks.

because, I’ve run countless miles for myself and it’s time I run for someone else.

because, I hope my movement across 2.23 miles today will move you to join me in a movement to run racism right out of the dna of our country!

If you run/walk share your pictures in the comments section.


Run for Maud–Runners World Virtual Run May 8, 2020


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