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ETJ 31: A Conversation with Law Enforcement Officer, Coffee Roaster, & Abuse Survivor, Scott Bashkov

In this episode of Enjoy the Journey, I’m sharing a conversation I had with my friend, Scott Bashkov.

This far-reaching conversation is one of the most important conversations I’ve had in this season of my podcast…especially if you struggle with anxiety and suicidal thoughts, or love someone who does.

He has some practical wisdom for any church leader who wants to better minister to people who live with the emotional scars of abuse and/or mental illness.

In this deeply personal conversation, Scott shares his experience with abuse on the mission field, his struggles with mental illness, and why he was intent on killing himself last year. We also discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and his perspective on it–as a white Christian law-enforcement officer born in the Philippines.

We also discuss the wonder of roasting coffee and ponder Godzilla driving a convertible!

Here’s a link to Scott’s coffee company:

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, here’s the number for the Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

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