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ETJ 26: A Conversation with Leader, Author, Critical-Thinker, and Stepmom, Jennifer Johnson

In this episode of Enjoy the Journey, I’m sharing a conversation I had with Jennifer Johnson about life, growing up in a Christian home, leadership, the Church, critical-thinking, and the challenges and blessings of being a stepmom.

Jennifer Johnson serves as the Chief Communications Officer at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN, where she leads a small team of artsy people who are more creative than she is. Before joining the JU team, she owned her own business, See Jen Write, and worked with businesses and ministries around the world to create books, small group curriculum, videos, websites, and marketing campaigns. Jen spent her thirties blogging about faith, doubt, the church, and the idiosyncrasies of Christian culture and compiled those posts into her book, “See Jen Write: The Best of the Blog,” in 2018 – she was honored to have Arron write the foreword. She’s currently a wife, a stepmom of two young adults, a board member for Orchard Group and Christian Missionary Fellowship, a graduate student, an American Airlines Gold member, a reluctant dog owner, and a big fan of caffeine.

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