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Baptism on the Spot! Wow!

Have you been baptized? 

If not, why not?

A guy that I have a ton of respect for, and who has been a personal blessing to my ministry–Cam Huxford– was used by God to do an awesome thing.

I read this today in Christian Standard’s enewsletter:

On Oct. 5, Savannah (GA) Christian Church‘s senior pastor Cam Huxford “delivered a message about seeking God’s intervention in our lives and publicly declaring His power as Lord and Savior through baptism–baptism on the spot, in the clothes people came to church in, in a pool into which he walked and waited for those who would come forward,” shares the church’s weekly newsletter. “It could have been an awkward moment. Instead, it was amazing as people streamed down the aisles while applause thundered.”
SCC baptized 196 people during services at its three campuses that day! “One newly married couple came to the Henderson campus’s 5 p.m. Saturday service. They felt the Spirit tugging at them but didn’t come forward. They left but quickly turned the car around, came back and were baptized in the second service, unable to go home until they did,” the church writes. “On Sunday morning, a woman declared that she gladly ruined her $400 dry-clean-only suit to publicly proclaim her faith.”


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