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5 Ways to Make Your Walk with the Lord New and Different

Ok, I just got this email from the BolderBoulder organizers.  The BolderBoulder, in Boulder, Colorado, is one of the coolest 10k races ever.  Almost 60,000 people run this race each year.

In this ad promoting the 5 Ways to make my 2012 race new and different, I see 5 ways you (and I) can make our walk with the Lord new and different.

1. Go for a personal record.  

God expects us to grow in our faith, to mature, and to bear fruit.  Are you?  God loves us regardless of our performance, but it brings Him pleasure to see us growing up in Him.

2. Slow down and enjoy the view.

God stopped at the end of creation and rested.  Jesus stopped in the midst of his ministry…often, and rested.  One of the best things we can do to improve our walk with the Lord is to slow down, or stop altogether, and enjoy the view.

3. Plan out your 2012 year with regular weekly attendance at church as a jumping-off point.

How are you doing on that new year’s resolution to go to church more regularly?  Unless you’re a physical freak of nature you can’t just show up to run a race like the BolderBoulder without having trained. Ideally, to run a 10 k, you need to start training a couple of months before the race–running 20-30 miles a week.  But then, as the race organizers know, once you’re in shape for a race like the BolderBoulder you might as well stay in shape.  Regular weekly attendance with a local church makes it easier to keep attending regularly (because it becomes a habit and you develop spiritual “muscle memory”) and gives one ample opportunities to maintain and grow even stronger spiritually.

4. Mentor a new runner.

I expect the leaders with whom I work to reproduce themselves so my team and I are intentional about mentoring.  I know that ministry can–just like running a 10k–be very intimidating.  In fact, getting into ministry–just like running a 10k–can be so intimidating that one may decide that it’s too difficult of a venture to even start.  Understanding that, I–just like the organizers of the BolderBoulder–am very intentional about mentoring new young “runners”.

You and I should also do the same with new Christians.  It’s called discipleship and it’s the key–just like training for and running a 10k–to finishing this race we call being a follower of Christ.

5. Run with friends and family. 

Our first ministry is to our families.  What are you doing to be intentional about discipling your friends and family?  My son is a runner and wants to run the BolderBoulder for the first time this year.  I’ve done it, so I know what it takes to finish the race and–if we decide that it’s in the budget–I will run it with him, at his pace, so that we can cross the line together.

Since I’ve never run the BolderBoulder with him, and he’s never run it at all, crossing the line together would be new and different for both of us.

I just want to cross the line into glory with my friends and family, because crossing from this world into glory with my friends and family would be–unlike training for, running, and finishing the 2012 BolderBoulder–truly new and different.


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