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3 Keys to “Thriveal” During Times of Survival

Yes, I made that word up. 🙂

Every “normal” day we have a choice: Thrive: Grow into more or not…and Shrink into less.

But, when days are difficult, and we find ourselves just trying to survive, thriving can feel like an unrealistic aspiration–and a waste of good energy. I mean, why exercise in the basement, finish that project, start that book, lose that weight, or fix that bad habit when we may be facing a 2nd wave of Covid-19, the next Great Depression, a global food shortage, or a future of never-ending Zoom meetings?!?!

Even so, I’m one who believes that times of Survival are perfect times for Thriveal!

Here are a few keys to “Thriveal” during times of Survival:

Positive “Allies”

Have you heard the phrase, “birds of a feather, flock together”? It’s so important, especially during difficult times, that we surround ourselves with people who lift us up, encourage us, and make us better versions of ourselves. Now, I know we’re sheltered and still having to maintain social distance. Even so, make sure the people with whom you’re interacting on social media, Zoom–or however you’re connecting–are making a positive influence on your life.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is crucial to our “thriveal.” Every day, look for reasons to be positive and hopeful. Bad things will happen, but we can choose to see the good things, too. One way to create a more positive attitude is in gratitude. Look for a reason, each day, to be grateful and you will start to thrive!

Positive Actions

As Anna sang about in that cave in Frozen 2–which I’ve watched way too many times during this quarantine–sometimes the best thing we can do is to do, “the next right thing.” I want to challenge you, each day, to do at least one good thing for 1) someone else and 2) for yourself. Maybe the next “right” thing for you today is to send an encouraging text, Facetime with someone who is discouraged, thank your teacher for adapting to make sure your could continue to learn, thank your students for taking their assignments seriously, do a chore around your house—without being asked, send a food delivery to that elderly couple across the street, or agree to adopt my cat 🙂 …just find something to do that makes a positive impact on your world and you will start to thrive!


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